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Human Biomechanics Specialists


Jessalyn Steinman and Giovanni Triminio have been prioritizing Functional Patterns training in their lives since 2019 and currently hold Biomechanics Specialist Level II certifications. They are grateful to be sharing this work with their community and helping individuals improve their biomechanics to heal pain patterns and reach health and fitness goals in a sustainable manner.  

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I started training Functional Patterns in 2019. I was working as a massage therapist at that time, and was experiencing pain and stiffness after work and exercise. I was amazed at the amount of relief I was able to achieve from extensive MFR, and how effective the workouts felt compared to what I had tried in the past. I dove into the FP certification courses to go deeper into resolving my dysfunctions, and trained with Luis Ponce Jr. at Functional Patterns South Bay for over 3 years. I am currently pain free, feeling strong, and greatly enjoy sharing this work with those interested in training with me.

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I come from a background in construction and physical labor. Early in my career, I was influenced by receiving a massage which highlighted how much pain lay within my body. I changed careers, worked for 15 years as a massage therapist, and was referred to Functional Patterns from a dear friend. The philosophy resonated with me, and I chose to become a practitioner in 2019. My results are continually being refined, and proof enough for me that each day is an opportunity to grow and let go of the old.

The Process


Self Myo-fascial Release

We use the self myfoascial release technique to hydrate tissues; bringing blood and fluid to areas that may be stuck or tight. This allows our fascial system to acclimate to new holding patterns with the application of corrective exercise.

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Standing and walking effectively requires active intrinsic musculature and stable triangulation of the core. This is a pivotal step in establishing movement efficiency and sets the foundation for advanced movements.


Strength & Conditioning 

Once key myofascial connections have been established we can continue to guide you towards further athleticism with dynamic exercise, running, throwing and sports optimization and performance. 

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