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One on one personal training in a private setting.

Posture & Gait Assessment

The posture and gait analysis is the first opportunity for us to get to know each other in a clinical setting. We observe together how your body shows up in space standing, and will help you acclimate to the self propelled treadmills we use for the gait assessment. This initial step in the training process is very important, because it highlights the areas of your body that may demonstrate compensation patterns. Having knowledge of where improvement is needed, is part of what makes this methodology so effective. 



We are located at 1500 Graham Hill Rd. Units B&C, Santa Cruz CA, 95060.

At your first session you can expect to complete a comprehensive intake form, receive a posture and gait analysis, and learn some introductory Functional Patterns techniques to start your journey towards movement efficiency.

- $135

Rehabilitation & Strength Training

We currently offer one on one personal training to ensure our sessions meet the high standard of quality needed to facilitate pain elimination and achieve changes within the first four human movements. We pay close attention to detail to assure movement choice and application is appropriate for your individual needs. We rent two units at Graham Hill Plaza, so all sessions occur in individual private studios. Our clients appreciate the focused atmosphere this privacy provides and we are dedicated to making the process fun and unique.  

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